Micro Art Launch New Infinity Terrain Line Precinct Sigma

March 21, 2018 by dracs

Micro Art Studio has now launched their new line of Infinity terrain, Precinct Sigma. Currently, Micro Art has released three Precinct Sigma building sets.

They break down into this building known as The Cubicle.

Precinct Sigma Cubicle

But we also see this more militaristic looking building complex known as The Post.

Precinct Sigma Post

Things can then be added to here with The Pack which gives you a lot more height and tweaks things a little with the overall design.

Precinct Sigma Pack

As Ben said when these were first revealed, the buildings look as though they could fit with all manner of Sci-Fi terrain settings, whether as part of a bright, civilian cityscape, or a military complex.

The fact that these are part of a new range is very exciting, and I am sure Micro Art have plenty more planned to establish Precinct Sigma's character.

Let us know your thoughts on this new range in the comments below.

"They could fit with all manner of Sci-Fi terrain settings..."

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