Winning Tactics: Ultimate Mission Guides For Infinity Shattergrounds! [Updated]

October 18, 2023 by brennon

Have you dived headfirst into Infinity: Shattergrounds, the new online campaign from Corvus Belli and OnTableTop and found yourself struggling with your missions? Well, have no fear as Killian will be putting together a series of Mission Briefings containing some winning tactics that you can use to make sure you come out on top on Concilium Prima!


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Throughout both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the campaign, Killian is going to be writing up a series of Mission Briefings which go into detail about the scenarios you'll be playing out across the various Quantum Anomaly Zones in Shattergrounds.

Phase 2 Mission Briefings

Get Your Battle Reports In & Fight For Your Faction!


Read Mission Briefing - Mariana And Yacht Club


Read Mission Briefing - Beltway 594


Read Mission Briefing - Blériot Airport

PHASE2-HUAQUIAO-Experimental Energy Research Centre

Read Mission Briefing - Experimental Energy Research Center


Read Mission Briefing - Shimmering Sky Project Tracking Station


Read Mission Briefing - Maritime Traffic Control Center

Phase 1 Mission Briefings


Read Mission Briefing - Bois Blue Gate Now


Read Mission Briefing - Tai Sui Facilities


Read Mission Briefing - Terraforming Envir. Studies Campus


Read Mission Briefing - Processing Hub


Read Mission Briefing - Underwater Marine Research Facilities


Read Mission Briefing - Rhodan Main Spaceport

In each of these Mission Briefings, Killian gives you an overview of the different missions as well as covering some hints and tips that might help individuals get an edge over their opponents when it comes to playing their games. Killian has gone seriously in-depth with these articles and done a breakdown of special rules, and general mission tips and even talked about the factions that will be fighting in these zones to give you some ideas as to which soldiers you'll want to bring to the fight.

If you're new to Infinity and this is your first campaign, this could be an invaluable resource to help you take on some veteran players at your local club or store! We're going to be seeing Mission Briefings coming out throughout the course of both phases so make sure to check back to find more links to the articles here!

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Over the course of three weeks and two phases, the story will evolve and develop as you fight for control of different parts of Concilium Prima. In addition to that, there will be places to engage with fellow wargamers/commanders and plan out your strategies. It's a perfect opportunity to get stuck in and play out a bunch of games with your favourite Infinity miniatures.

Make sure to look out for more information about how to get involved as we move toward the start of the campaign. You won't want to miss this one! So, get your Infinity miniatures painted up! Maybe consider making yourself a Project here on OnTableTop to show off what you've been up to?

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"Killian has gone seriously in-depth with these articles and done a breakdown of special rules, and general mission tips and more..."

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