MayaCast Show Off Some Haqqislam Infinity Art!

August 28, 2014 by brennon

MayaCast got some cool previews of some upcoming Haqqislam miniatures for the world of Infinity. See what you think of the ace Maghariba Guard and the Hassassin Govad...

Maghariba Guard

Hassassin Govad

Once again some great designs from the guys at Corvus Belli showing off that they can do their cute 'anime' thing and the rather brutal world of machinery and robotics too. I love that the Maghariba Guard looks like a scorpion and it fits nicely into the aesthetic of the Haqqislam force.

In comparison the Hassassin Govad has plenty of weapon options yet is decidedly more elegant than the clanking Guard. I'm sure Justin and Carlos could talk for quite a while about her.

What do you think of these additions?

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