Micro Art Build Up Infinity with District 5L

September 11, 2012 by dracs

Micro Art Studio continue to provide modular terrain for the world of Infinity with the new District 5L apartment building.

Micro Art Studio - District 5L

Micro Art Studio - District 5L Inside

Micro Art Studio - District 5L Product Combination

These pieces are modular, allowing them to be easily combined with other such Infinity terrain from Micro Art.

Having made a couple of these buildings I can tell you that initially they can seem a little trying to put together. However, you soon get to grips with it and what you are left with is some excellent, durable and light weight terrain perfect for creating the sci-fi cityscapes of Infinity.

These new District 5L will allow you to further expand your gaming tables and reshape the layout of your scenery.

Have any of you used these buildings in your games?

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