New Infinity & Aristeia! Releases: October 2018

September 18, 2018 by crew

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We're back with another round of releases from Corvus Belli for both Infinity and Aristeia! this month.

Take a peek at what's on offer...

Military Orders 300pts Pack

Military Order - Infinity

The first of the releases is the new Military Order box for Joan Of Arc. She now gets her own combo-box which is a ready-for-tournament army. When it comes to devastating fireteams, this is a whole different level of pain for your opponent.

Haqqislam Remotes

Remotes - Infinity

These essential additions to the Haqqislam arsenal have been redesigned and re-sculpted to fit in with the upgraded look for Infinity. Now you can be proud to run these as part of your force as you win glorious victories for the Sword Of Allah.

Shasvastii Noctifiers

Noctifers - Infinity

Coming in for the Combined Army we have this new set. This is one of the re-packaging releases which offers up one of the most demolishing reaction shots you could ever imagine. Do not get caught in their ARO!

Aragoto Senkenbutai

Aragoto - Infinity

The Japanese Secessionist Army head into the fighting with this immediate intervention force. This is the spearhead of many an operation and when mounted on powerful motorbikes they are not to be trifled with!

Asuras With Hacker Device

Asuras - Infinity

The ALEPH are not to be left out as they get themselves one of the Asura. As you might imagine this particular addition to your fireteam should be focused on your objective, getting that hacking technology into the right place to scramble the enemies plans.

Strelok K-9

Strelokk - Infinity

Ariada head into the fray with this set of two miniatures. This is a great way to get your hands on some of the most intimidating soldiers in the Ariadna army. If the enemy wants to try and force the objective they are going to have to push through some serious resistance here.

Gata Comes To Aristeia!

Gata - Aristeia!

Aristeia! welcomes a new alternative look for Gata as she arrives in the Hexadome. This time around she is wearing the stunning pirate-themed outfit that you might have seen in some of the previews earlier in the month.

What do you make of the new releases for this month?

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