New Infinity Models Strike For November!

November 23, 2015 by dignity

We've got another round of releases on the way at the end of the month for Infinity. Corvus Belli have sent us all the information on these new models, some of which you've seen pop up on the site over the last week or so. Let's get stuck in...

6th Airborne Rangers Reg.

Kicking things off we have a real deadly fighter for the USAriadna force. As part of the 6th Airborne Rangers they are a light infantry outfit ready to head into enemy territory from light aircraft before executing their operations. You'll never know they were there.

Domaru Butai

The Yu Jing, and more specifically the Japanese Sectorial Army have now got this close quarters combat master on their side. These warriors are like the Samurai of old and adhere to their code of honour strictly. You do not want to be on the wrong end of his ire.

Hassassin Ragick Hacker

If you're looking for a quick insertion force capable of hacking their way into the enemies systems then look no further than this unit for Haqqislam. These hackers were part of a secret society of assassins that were trained to be the best of the best. Known as The Companions they were deadly in the field.

Will you bring one out of their secret training camps and get them groomed for a life of hacking, aerial assault and more?


Lock and load with this deadly assault troop option for the Morat Aggression Force and the Combined Army. These warriors bring into battle powerful weapons capable of immense carnage up close. They are the epitome of the Morat ideal.


The Mercenaries have also got a new Doctor in the house. If you're looking for an undercover project, secret societies and creepy goings on then she/he is just the tip of the ice burg.

Avicenna was part of a strange conspiracy with the Black Hand where they captured him, simulated his dead, disconnected him from ALEPH and now have him readjusted and tweaked to be an entirely new entitity with her own goals.

She is now an advanced feminine Lhost. Kinda weird right!

Which is your favourite from this months release list?

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