Take A Peek At New Infinity Releases For December

November 7, 2019 by brennon

Even with all of the craziness going on around Infinity: Defiance you can still get a peek at some new models coming to the Corvus Belli webstore for December release. We start with the Hortlak Jannisaries who are channelling a little of Iron Man in their design for the Infinity universe.

Hortlak Jannisaries - Infinity

The model looks very cool indeed, a great new option for Haqqislam and armed with some serious weaponry allowing them to get stuck in during close-quarters clashes with the opposition.

Keeping with the idea of being up close and personal we also have the Libertos Freedom Fighter with their shotguns at the ready.

Libertos Freedom Fighters - Infinity

This fellow is a proper freedom fighter, ready to die for his fellows and take down the forces of PanOceania whenever the opportunity presents itself. It is very cool that we're seeing more alien creatures getting added into the mix for the game which start to push the game to that next Sci-Fi level.

If you're more of a Shasvastii fan then you also have the Mentors that you can play around with, again, building on that awesome alien vibe we're now getting for Infinity.

Shasvastii Mentors - Infinity

These fellows are going to be monitoring enemy activity across the battlefield with their Shock Marksmen Rifles and then making sure your forces can act when there is a chink in their armour.

If you fancy playing as the new blood in the game then you've also got this option with Team Sirius, effectively a K-9 team from the far future.

Team Sirius - Infinity

With guns and claws at the ready, once these 'hounds' catch your scent it will be hard to avoid them running you down. This faction certainly has a much more imperious look to them and it reminds me a lot of the Nova Corp from Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Finally, we're turning to some aliens who have decided (or were perhaps forced) to work with PanOceanian when it comes to monitoring underwater activity.

Helot Militia - Infinity

The Helot Militia are armed with all sorts of technology and weaponry provided by the forces of PanOceania and work effectively as an underwater badass squad, rushing from the water at a moments notice to hunt down their targets.

As well as these options listed here you'll also be able to get Húláng Shocktroopers and Pavel McMannus who you can see over on the Infinity webstore, available on November 21st.

Will you be snapping up some of these new Infinity releases?

"...it reminds me a lot of the Nova Corp from Guardians Of The Galaxy"

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