A New Material & Event Exclusive Miniature For Infinity In 2023

March 1, 2023 by brennon

Corvus Belli dropped a few more announcements over the last day or so concerning the future of Infinity! We start with the news that they are going to be working with a new material for some of the miniatures in their range.

Maruts - Infinity

Maruts // Infinity

Their new material is a plastic resin mix which isn't as fragile as conventional resin but allows them to maintain all of the detail that you've come to expect from the Infinity range. You will need superglue to assemble your miniatures and when it comes to clean-up, Corvus Belli mentioned that there should be very little needed. Painting and priming your miniatures should also be done in the same way as you've been doing already.

Hassassin Ayyar - Infinity

Hassassin Ayyar // Infinity

What's interesting is that it seems like this material is going to be used for both large and small miniatures. Their previous introduction of thermoplastic into the process was for dealing with some of the heftier or more complicated miniatures in their collection but this appears to be something they can use across the board.

It is important to note that Corvus Belli said that they are not giving up on metal (or thermoplastic). They are still going to be working in metal for the majority of their range but this now gives them another option when it comes to casting their miniatures.

It will be neat to see how people like this new material and if it becomes the option of choice for some!

Mary Problems - Event Exclusive Miniature

As well as that new announcement, we also got a look at the Event Exclusive Miniature for 2023. Meet Mary Problems!

Mary Problems Artwork - Infinity

Mary Problems - Artwork // Infinity

This Nomad is a cybercombat specialist that some may already be familiar with in the world of Infinity. Well, she's now getting a brand new miniature that you'll be able to get your hands on at a number of conventions this year.

Mary Problems Miniature - Infinity

Mary Problems - Miniature // Infinity

Despite the "foot on x" pose for the miniature, I think she looks pretty awesome and I could see her sneaking around in the background, hacking her way into all sorts of enemy systems. One thing that the posing on the terrain does is speak to her nimble qualities. In a way, it's nice for telling the story of a miniature. I don't think I'm properly converted to the idea of too much terrain on your bases though!

Below, you can see where this miniature is going to be available...

Mary Problems - Infinity

Mary Problems // Infinity

So, watch out for Mary Problems first at AdeptiCon which is getting looming fast on the horizon. Could you be tempted by the new miniature for Mary Problems and would you end up painting her as a display piece or using her in your games?

Drop your thoughts below!

"It is important to note that Corvus Belli said that they are not giving up on metal..."

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