New Infinity Models Hit For October!

November 3, 2015 by Justin

Another month and another raft of releases coming your way for Infinity and the various factions within the game. The focus this time is on big guys so prepare to see some fairly epic TAGs and more...

Roger Van Zant

Fighting for the USAriadna Ranger Force he is a hero of renown. He was originally released as a special edition Gen Con figure but now has become a regular addition to their store. His special skill 'Tactical Jump Level X' allows him to enter into the enemy deployment zone and ambush his foes.


The Military Order of PanOceania have now got this long awaited walker. "In the throes of battle the Seraph could reach the very gates of Hell" is quite a quote but when you look at the model you can see why. It not only has its own weaponry but can call on the Auxbot by its side to help.


ALEPH welcome the healing hands of a doctor/medic to their faction. Despite being simply a medic he doesn't look like he's skimped on his training and could probably take on foes by himself if he needed to. The ALEPH are by far the most 'Cyberpunk' inspired faction, when it comes to augmentations at least, and I'd love to use characters like him away from the battlefield too.

Special Deterrance Group Azra'il

If you thought that the Seraph was a mean looking piece of battlefield technology then you'll maybe think again when you see this chap. Working for Haqqislam these are elite troopers who have fallen into disgrace.

Once the Sultan is replaced the guard are too, as they can't always be trusted, and this is where the soldiers from that former unit are sent. I'd say apart from the disgrace part they got a good deal!

They are lugging around some impressive weapons with the AP HMG which will no doubt turn TAGs into slag and make infantry flee in terror. I would say that works well as a deterrent.


The Guijia are striking out too for Yu Jing. This TAG comes armed with a Flamethrower and HMG-Multi but also carries that deadly curved blade too. This is a MASSIVE improvement over the previous model that was a lot more squat and didn't have half the level of detail you see here.

Which unit will you be picking up?

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