The Infinity Releases For September Hit!

September 25, 2015 by dignity

It's time for another bundle of Infinity awesomeness for September. There are some amazing sculpts in here of models both new and old. If you're a big fan of specialists then you have some really fun options open to you...

Nisses From Svalarheima With HMG

The Nisses is one of the best Medium Infantry Units from PanOceania and comes equipped with one of the most devastating long range weapons, the HMG. Each soldier is equipped with Multiespectral Visor Level Two which allows them to see through smoke and hunt all kinds of Camo troops without suffering penalties.

Kosuil Assault Pioneers

Tohaa welcome the Kosuil Assault Pioneers who arrive in battle with K1 Combi-Rifle in hand. The Fireteam: Triad skill allows them to be part of any Tohaa Fireteam and as an engineer they are also important specialist troopers for tournaments.

Combined Army Drones

These models are re-sculpts of classic troop profiles and each boxed set comes complete with all the necessary pieces to assemble the drones for the Combined. You can even make them into the new E-Drones with EVO Hacker Devices.

Hunzakut With Rifle & Light Grenade Launcher

Fighting for Haqqislam we have the Hunzakut who are a pivotal part of the faction. They count as the true 'Swiss Knife' providing support for your Hackers whilst still being dangerous troops able to perform surprise attacks and accomplish objectives.

Mobile Brigada

Last but not least for the Nomads the Mobile Brigada are a box of four miniatures which include new equipment options like Hacking technology and a Missile Launcher. You can upgrade them quite nicely  to make them more effective at whatever the game requires.

Which is your favourite miniature from this new crop?

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