Operation Flamestrike Infinity Battle Report Showcase

April 12, 2016 by brennon

We're going to be taking a look at some of the Battle Reports from Operation Flamestrike, our ongoing Infinity campaign,  picked out by the community for their awesomeness, narrative quality and more. The first of these is a clash between Ariadna and PanOceania...

The Debrief Of Isobel McGregor

The generals here are Tesco at the head of the Ariadna force whilst his opponent Barakiel is commanding PanOceania. This one was picked out because of the way it goes through the basics of the game and some of the interesting perspective shots.

Debrief #1

You can check out more on this battle report on the link above. It will take you to a really neat story which goes through the background of this scuffle.

Debrief #2

I really do like the look of these perspective shots too, getting right down into the action. We'd call it soldier cam!

Debrief #3

Go and check out the rest of the Battle Report and make sure to do your part soldier. But, we're not done there. We have more fights on the way from some of the other factions too.

"Face To Bullet Style"... We Programmed Her As A Joke

We're continuing the fighting with a report from DiceHex & Zall where the Nomads and the ALEPH clashed at the Narooma Medical Facility.


The thing that set this battle report apart from the others was that it was pulled up for having some really nice captioned photos and plenty of funny captions too.


You can go and explore more of this battle report on the link above but we have to tip our caps for this one. Loads of interesting moments to pick out. I particularly liked this photo where we have some express healing going on.

Tianxian Niima - Righteous Justice In The Name Of The Greatest

Following on from that one Haqqislam are getting into the mix against the Nomads in this report from John Tenzer and TomKant. This battle was fought at the Tianxian Spaceport.


This one was picked out because of some fantastic shots and the nicely written battle report which goes into loads of detail about the moment to moment gameplay. The theme is also running throughout all of this here so good job on keeping that up for the Haqqislam players.


The table was looking fantastic for this one making use of plenty of interesting terrain pieces to theme it towards the Spaceport they were fighting over. I particularly like the little dropship up on the landing pad.

Heroes All - Down To The Last Order

Yu Jing are fighting against the might of PanOceania in this Battle Report from Vaulsc and AdmiralJCJF. They were clashing over the Sagres Orbital Tracking Station and this one even features a video for you to watch too!


One of the things that really grabbed us with this one and made sure it found its way onto the short-list was because it not only featured a great written report but also a neat video and plenty of photos showing off the stunning terrain.


The tabletop here is really interesting and manages to feature a lot of simple card terrain. It might be hard to ignore all the wonderful plastic and MDF terrain that's out there now but there's no substitute for well made card terrain use in interesting ways.

Turning The Tide

The Combined Army are now getting stuck into proceedings in this clash with the ALEPH at Sagres. This battle was played out by LeemanRuss and Wintermute and features a very in-depth battle report as well as some great photos showing off their table and the miniatures in action.


I particularly liked seeing the ALEPH getting stuck in here and also it provided a chance for the Combined Army to strike back. If you want to know who won then you'll have to go and check out the report in full!


A rather superb looking tabletop here once again. Infinity really does bring out the best when it comes to table layouts and interesting designs. You want things to be as 'fair' as possible but also tell a neat story too.

ALEPH - Again!

This report comes in from Vanther and Ancalagon77 where the Tohaa get to hit the battlefield against the ALEPH. I have a feeling these two are quite regular opponents if the name is anything to go by.


The images giving us an over the shoulder view of proceedings here were fantastic and really highlighted the cinematic feel of Infinity when it's on the tabletop. In particular this next shot below looks like it could be from a real warzone.


The Tohaa were certainly getting stuck in during this one with their organic creatures clashing against the rather enhanced forces of the ALEPH. The write-up has some nice narrative moments to it and while short had us smiling.


Bugs in the basement sounds like a rather fitting line for this battle report played out over some great looking terrain.

Join The Fight - Operation Flamestrike

The island won't take control of itself!

Whose side are you on in this conflict?

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