Operation Flamestrike Infinity Battle Report Showcase II

April 19, 2016 by brennon

We’re going to be taking a look at some of the Battle Reports from Operation Flamestrike, our ongoing Infinity campaign,  picked out by the community for their awesomeness, narrative quality and more. This week we're catching up on some more impressive battle reports from these excellent commanders starting with an ambush...

Approaching Antela Part I - Nightly Ambush

First up we have Aegidius and Antares battling it out as the ALEPH and Tohaa clash in this forest outpost.


We picked this one out for another excellent write up that went down the narrative route.



It also features some great images showing off a fantastic tabletop with walkways giving it plenty of height which we always like.

NCA: Take & Control The Jungle

Next up Sco is taking on Shas O Kassad with the forces of PanOceania taking on Haqqislam on this frankly beautiful looking tabletop.


The painted miniatures here are just amazing looking and you can even take a closer look at it with the video over on the battle report page.



You need to take a look at this one so you can appreciate the workmanship here!

Operation Desert Vengeance

Now we're leaving the woodland behind and getting involved in some desert warfare. Cabaray and Bucketknight are scraping here as Ariadna battle against Haqqislam.


Once again this is a nice narrative battle report packed with some wonderful photos showing off some of the action.



It even has a nice introductory video too so go ahead and listen to that while you're reading this one.

Bakunin Bootcamp

Embracing the spirit of The Matrix we have Nomads clashing with ALEPH as Icchan takes on Morze.


We have a really nicely laid out battle report here which goes into detail about the happenings from turn to turn along with nicely annotated photos.



I particularly like the addition of explosions and flames to really drive home what's happening to these unfortunate soldiers.

Obsidian Mechanoid, Kung Fu Master

Last but not least with this rather funky named battle we have Schadlez taking on Ren as the Combined Army clash with the forces of Yu Jing.


Really nice clear photographs show off the action here, getting right down into the battlefield for some close up shots.



We also have a great little write up too with a bit of humour dropped in for good measure.

Join The Fight - Operation Flamestrike

Get stuck in and see what you can do to help your faction during this mega Infinity campaign.

Which battle was your favourite?

"You need to take a look at this one so you can appreciate the workmanship here!"

"Embracing the spirit of The Matrix we have Nomads clashing with ALEPH..."

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