New Infinity Releases For June 2017 Revealed!

May 23, 2017 by dignity

We're back looking at the world of Infinity as we prepare for June and a new host of releases to get you excited. So, without further ado, we should probably dive in and see what's on offer...

New Infinity Releases For June 2017 Revealed!

It looks like most of the factions are getting covered this month but we'll start with ALEPH!

300 Point Pack - Steel Phalanx

This is the repacking of a classic ALEPH set. These miniatures work together nicely as a starting point for you dive into the game.


With a range of options open to them, they'd work well as a 300 point force which gives you the edge in a tournament. For one, the box contains the epic Ajax miniatures who is just fantastic.

Caledonian Highlanders Army Starter Pack

In another themed starter set for you to get stuck into we have the Scottish themed sectorial force for this low-tech faction, Ariadna.

280188-0648-Caledonian Highlander Army Starter Pack 2017

Inside you will get six high-quality miniatures, fresh off the line and new this month. We're loving the mix of the antipodes in here, really adding to the feral feel of Ariadna on the tabletop.

Bagh-Mari Unit With HMG

PanOceania is next up with some new additions to the Acontecimentio Shock Army. This Mediu infantry soldier works well within a fireteam as a super effective operative.

280291-0647 Bagh Mari HMG

You'll get one of these figures inside a pack, armed with one of the most dangerous guns in the Infinity arsenal.

Hassassin Ayyar

We're now turning to the sandy world of Haqqislam as we look at this new model for the Hassassin Bahram.

280488-0636 Hassassin Ayyar

As a heavy infantry figure, you wouldn't think they'd be a good fit for a group of assassins but sometimes going big is the way forward. The twin viral pistols is a great gunslinging variant and gives him an awesome Wild West feel.

Danavas Hacker & Karkata

We're back with ALEPH as we look at these new troops for the Operations Sub-Section. As part of this upcoming sectorial army, they combine the need for high-tech combat options and awesome robots.

280853-0643 Danavas Hacker and Karkata

They are specialists units so you'll have to work out your tactics when it comes to using them on the tabletop. I also think they'll create a new challenge for painting ALEPH when it comes to the Hacker.


We now look to another repack of some existing miniatures with these Ninjas for Yu Jing and their Japanese Sectorial Army.


Both of them are posed just how you'd like them to be, crouched low and ready to take out their targets. I prefer the character with the sword personally but it's nice that you have various options. Any good assassin is always prepared!


Last but not least we turn our attention to the Nomads and their Bakunin Jurisdictional Command. This pair of skirmishers offers up a Hacker and another character armed with his Combi-Rifle.


You could easily use these miniatures as part of your role-playing games in Infinity too. They have the look of characters that need a backstory!

What will you be picking up?

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