Characters Stand In Defiance For Infinity Dungeon Crawler

June 27, 2019 by dracs

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Corvus Belli have revealed the renders for three of the characters that will be taking part in their upcoming scifi dungeon crawler Infinity Defiance.

First among the latest two to be revealed is Qiang Gao.

Qiang stands at the forefront of any fight, massive gun in hand and ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with those he leads to battle. With his heavy armour and weaponry, he is a force to be reckoned with, able to lead his fellows into the thick of the fight.

Following him we have the Defiance's Sergeant Technician Jazz.

A member of the Nomad Nation, Jazz is the team's hacker, specialising in Quantronic War and VoodooTech Coding and kicking arse while wearing heels.

Finally, we have the Uma Sorensen of Pan Oceania who we saw earlier.

A silent and dangerous combatant, Uma is a professional at quick, stealthy kills.

This only leaves one member of the Defiance crew left, Cadin "Firststrike".

Corvus Belli have come up with an interesting crew of characters for this dungeon crawling adventure, one which should complement each other well on the tabletop and provide plenty of opportunities for interesting character interaction and conflict in the game's story.

Infinity Defiance is set to debut on Kickstarter during Autumn of this year.

Which character catches your interest the most? 

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