Micro Art Studio Take A New Sci-Fi Bus To Their Industrial Tabletop

September 12, 2017 by brennon

Micro Art Studio has some new Infinity terrain for you to check out which is very cool indeed. They've been doing some great stuff with vehicles and so when I saw the District 5 Bus Services I had a big smile on my face, these are so cool.

Bus Services #1

This set comes with both HDF and acrylic pieces to allow you to create those two awesome buses, the stands at which they're waiting and the ticket booths as well.

Bus Services #2

They can actually be slotted together without the need for much glue but there are portions of the models which may benefit from it. I think they look awesome, with the fantastic adverts on the side and the nice sleek shape which looks fitting for the setting.

Remember when we talked about fighting out games on the highway in Infinity? Now you could add a few buses into the mix and fight it out at a depot or something too.

Terminus Segments Industrial

Micro Art Studio has also packaged together a lot of their new Industrial Terrain into one set which you can also now pick up.

Terminus Industrial Segmentus (Main)

The full breakdown of the set is included in the link above but it allows you to cover a 4x4 tabletop with enough terrain to create an interesting Infinity battlefield. I like that it gives you enough to cut off lots of lanes of fire and offers up plenty of height too.

Terminus Industrial Segmentus Detail #1

So, is this kind of collection something you're interested in checking out? They certainly cost a bit more money than usual but it gives you a pre-made tabletop almost immediatly.

Terminus Industrial Segmentus Detail #2

Let me know if this kind of set-up catches your eye in the comments below.

Also, as a heads up, Micro Art Studio is running a 15% Off Promotion on some of their new releases including the Cisterns, Buses, Haulers & Dumpsters we've been looking at. This lasts until Wednesday this week so if you need some terrain, snap it up!

What do you think of their new terrain?

"Now you could add a few buses into the mix and fight it out at a depot or something too."

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