Sensational Shaolin & Cool New INFINITY Models for June 2012

June 28, 2012 by Justin

It's time for the guys over at Infinity to send out another round of sensational miniatures and this month sees the Shaolin Monks get a brand new look,  along with a feisty female for the Nomads and sinister character for the Combined Army.

Shaolin Warrior Monks

This heavy infantry soldier from the Bakunin Jurisdictional Command comes with a Spitfire, a Multispectral Visor Lv1 and some surprises that are going to blow you away.

Riot Grrls

While the Sheskiin has a Nanopulser and DA (double action) close combat weapon. This is first named character for the Combined Army and I'm sure she will have all the abilities you need to lay the alien smack down on your opponent.

Cadmus-Naish Sheskiin

Also this month, The Hassassin Muyib fire team from Haqqislam, becomes even more deadly with a Heavy Rocket Launcher!

Hassassin Muybs

... and the most useful weapon option for Ariadna's, Métro fire team... the Heavy Machine Gun!

We're pretty sure this miniature will probably become the spearhead of the line infantry team in your French themed army.

Metros With HMG

So guys... which faction do you play and which of these do you fancy?

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