Infinity Sneak Peek! Kanren Counter-Insurgency Group

March 8, 2016 by Justin

We've got another great exclusive sneak peek at what's coming for Infinity this month as we take a look at the Kanren Counter-Insurgency Group. This chap will be fighting for the Imperial Service from Yu Jing...

Infinity Sneak Peek! Kanren Counter-Insurgency Group

So, what's the background here?

"To watch and monitor all subversive activity the Imperial Service has created the Kǎnrèn (侃刃, Bold Edge) Counterinsurgency Group. This unit is made up of brave men and women that track all kinds of insurgent, subversive, or radical groups that may want to implant themselves in Yu Jing. Their modus operandi is based on undercover infiltration into their ranks to gather information and learn everything necessary about said movements.

Before delivering the blow that will break the group apart, Kǎnrèn operators identify and locate all of its leaders and members, as well as their sources of financing, support networks, and allies. In this manner, they ensure the insurgent movement is completely destroyed without any possibility of regrouping, guaranteeing the security of the StateEmpire.

However, the work of these men and women is not easy, having to act without any support protecting their covers, and on numerous occasions revealing their identity as law enforcement agents prematurely in order to avoid a catastrophe. That is the type of operations they must fulfill: one of them against all of them. These operatives are therefore specialized in close combat and urban combat techniques.

This is the reason behind the name of the unit, Kǎnrèn (Bold Edge), because they are the sword of justice that stands alone in the wolf’s den."

Infinity Sneak Peek! Kanren Counter-Insurgency Group

A pretty awesome sounding unit and the model ain't half bad either. I like the stance which is a little bit 'gunslinger' and I appreciate that he doesn't come entirely decked out in armour. Instead he looks like he would almost be at home at a fancy meeting as well as on the battlefield.

What do you think of this new miniature?

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