Another Studio Giraldez Infinity Treat Today!

October 15, 2013 by brennon

Everyone seemed to love the artistry of Angel Giraldez yesterday (and everyday to be frank!) and today we have another one for you straight from his blog. See what you think of this one Gao Tarso...

Gao Tarso (Front)

Gao Tarso (Side #1)

Gao Tarso (Side #2)

Gao Tarso (Rear)

It's hard not to love this kind of stuff and once again it's a bit of a shock of brilliance on show. I love that (as far as I can see) all the details have been picked out on this miniature, something that I typically just leave by the way side.

As far as I can tell this is also a slightly alternative miniature to the one you might have seen before. You'll have to forgive me about the background and use of this model as the world of Infinity is one that still bewilders me a little!

Right now though let us sit and view this miniature for a bit.

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