Studio Giraldez Paints Up Tokusetu Doctors For Infinity!

October 24, 2014 by brennon

Studio Giraldez have shown impressive skill once again with the painting of some great looking Tokusetu Doctors for the world of Infinity. But, that's not all, they have also painted up the Warcor too.

Tokusetsu Doctors (Front)

Tokusetsu Doctors (Rear)

As you can see the Doctors are looking amazing and I love the paint job on these. The male Doctor is looking particularly great although overall there's not much to nitpick on these is there! I like that despite them being done in whites and grey you've got these nice accents of colour when it comes to the red and yellow.

Warcor (Front)

Warcor (Rear)

The second piece he has painted up is the Warcor who looks decidedly more dark and grim compared to the Doctors. A great use of techniques to show off highlighting and shading which is amazing. I love the dirty boots too.

Does this inspire you to get back to your painting table?

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