Tabitha Lyons’ Infinity Cosplay Coming On Leaps & Bounds

July 25, 2014 by brennon

Tabitha Lyons and Artyfakes have been working hard on the NeoTerra Bolt Infinity cosplay for GenCon and there are a few more progress pictures to show off which I think might get people rather excited!

NeoTerra Bolt Mask

First off we have the mask that will be worn with the costume. The mask has a variety of different layers and now has some rather awesome lights inside it giving it that awesome blue glow. It does amaze me that people can make such ace looking pieces of armour, from a variety of different worlds and genres, with all these different materials.

Spitfire Rifle

As well as the mask we also get a look at the Spitfire Rifle which will no doubt be getting shown off on over the event too. This will also be the prize for an upcoming Infinity competition if you remember Carlos' chat with Justin in one of The Weekender episodes! Just as a reminder this is the cosplay miniature you can pick up at GenCon...

NeoTerra Bolt Cosplay Edition

Look out for more from Infinity today. We have a BIG surprise for you.

Could it be Operation: Icestorm (yes, yes it is)?

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