TTCombat Release First Wave Of Infinity Terrain

May 17, 2019 by cassn

TTCombat have partnered up with the guys at Corvus Belli to produce a series of Infinity Terrain, in a move which will be called the most advantageous crossover since Space Jam brought together Jordan and Bunny.


The new line of Infinity products was first revealed back in April as one full board which could be purchased at Salute. However, TTCombat are now releasing elements of the board for online purchase over the coming weeks and months, starting today!


This sci-fi utopia terrain is made with a combination MDF and greyboard, and has acrylic inserts to give it a true Infinity aesthetic. Incredibly cool!


Today's release includes five new pieces for your tabletop, including some pretty cool Geodesic Domes with optional platforms which can be moved around to suit your personal tabletop set-up.


Indeed, TTCombat Infinity Terrain is ingeniously modular, which allows for greater movement and design options within your game. However, the real star of the show has to be the shopping center, which separates into four distinct buildings and can be combined in a range of interesting and exciting ways!


TTCombat consistently produces affordable, durable, and interesting terrain, and their Infinity line is no exception. We'll be keeping a close eye on these releases over the next few weeks, but you can bag yourself the first set of TTCombat Infinity terrain releases here.

Which two gaming companies would you like to see partner up? Tell us below!

"A true Infinity aesthetic!"

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