Tune In For A Live Infinity Text Chat – 5pm UK (BST) Time!

July 5, 2013 by brennon

CHAT HERE: //www.beastsofwar.com/chat-infinity/

If you've enjoyed Infinity week (and why wouldn't you have? It's been awesome!) then you'll be pleased to know that both Carlos Llauger and Gutier Lusquiños from Corvus Belli will be doing a Live Text Chat in the Beasts of War chat rooms today at 5pm UK (BST) time!

Ariadna Art

Mecenaries Art

Yu Jing Art

They will be up for discussing pretty much anything Infinity related, especially anything about the artwork and the design philosophy we've heard about this week.

To get things rolling and give them some time to prepare we'd love you guys to put some topic ideas into the comments below and hopefully they'll get answered for you later on today.

Don't forget to look back over the videos from this week for inspirational ideas too!

Get thinking!

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