Unboxing: Infinity Ariadna Scots Guards

August 18, 2015 by Justin

Justin and Killian return to the Ariadna of Infinity as they tackle The Scots Guards 6th Caledonian Infantry Regiment. These guys are packing lots of heat, makes sense as they're the Scottish sectorial army's fireteam.

The box contains four of these Caledonian Highlanders with an impressive armoury from a Marksman Rifle, to a Molotok, D.E.P. and a pair of Submachine Guns for some always cinematic looking dual wielding.

Unboxing: Infinity Ariadna Scots Guards

If you want to see how Ángel Giraldez brought these guys to life click HERE to read his step by step painting guide complete with tons of images showing you how his work progressed.

How would you utilise this fireteam?

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