Infinity: USAriadna Battlebox & Beyond

July 8, 2015 by dignity

You've seen the USAriadna Army Pack earlier in the week which will get you started; but how will you be able to expand upon it to tackle the other factions in Infinity?

Fear not for in this video we preview what USAriadna players can look forward to in the coming months ahead. There are Airborne Rangers and easy riding Desperadoes on the horizon.

Infinity: USAriadna Battlebox & Beyond

WIN Operation Icestorm

Remember by commenting on the USAriadna Week videos here on Beasts of War you have a chance to WIN Operation Icestorm. If you haven’t done so already you can create a FREE account here.

Pre-Order USAriadna

There are also pre-orders now available over on the Corvus Belli. There are a whole array of different bundles, some of which give you additional pre-order models! What will you be going for?

Which USAriadna trooper are you most looking foward to?

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