Warsenal Build the Comanche Square Towers of Infinity

October 22, 2014 by dracs

Warsenal have recently come out with the perfect emplacements for your snipers and gunmen, raising the game of Infinity above the tabletop with their Comanche Square Towers.

These square towers can be assembled in a variety of ways depending on how much cover you want the tower mantlets to afford you.

Comanche Square Tower

Comanche Square Tower with Mantlet

Both small and large square towers are available, making them either the perfect sniper nest, or giving you enough room for a full on melee above street level.

Comanche Large Square Tower

Comanche Large Square Tower with Figures

These towers are compatible with Warsenal's other Infinity terrain and can be joined up using the Comanche walkways to make another level for your games.

Comanche Long Walkway

Warsenal does some superb terrain pieces for Infinity, a game which really needs plenty of terrain to be properly enjoyed. Towers are always a good mainstay for Infinity, as well as other skirmish games, and these new ones are designed well, fitting in with the hyper-advanced style of Infinity.

Do you play Infinity? Do you use Warsenal's terrain to make your tables?

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