Watch Out For New Infinity Decals By PlastCraft Games

December 15, 2017 by brennon

PlastCraft Games are going to be releasing a new set of Decals soon for you to use on your Infinity models. Here's a selection of the ones we've picked out, but there will be packs for each of the factions.

Plast Craft Combined Army Decals #2

Each of the waterslide decal kits comes with a number of differently themed transfers which can be used to adorn your soldiers and of course those larger pieces like TAGs.

PlastCraft Tohaa Decals #2

There will be around 200+ transfers per set and they can simply be applied with water rather than needing any kind of glue to make them sit properly.

PlastCraft Yu Jing Decals #2

These kinds of additions to models can make all the difference when it comes to building an army. With the reduced model count of games like Infinity it also makes sense to take a little more time and effort with them and add on transfers like these to help build up the detail on the models.

Will you be picking up more of their Decal Packs?

"There will be around 200+ transfers per set..."

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