Whats in the Box: Tohaa – Hatail – Diplomatic Delegates – Starter Pack

March 6, 2013 by Justin

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Time for another What's in the Box! This time Justin, Gav, and Nick have a look at the some if the Tohaa for Infinity.

Diplomatic Delegates

Gao Rael Unit

Hatail Spec Ops

Now we weren't sure when we were filming if there was a prize for this episode but after we were done we found out that the Tohaa starter force is up for grabs! Get commenting on this post on the Beasts of War website for your chance to win!

Kamel Troopers

Sakiel - Ectros - Clipsos

As an extra treat here are the links to some of Gav's painting posts on the forums:

FW Hazard Suit - O'Taka Cadre
FW Tau Tetra - O'Taka Cadre
Tau Barracuda - O'Taka Cadre
Hammerhead - O'Taka Cadre

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