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Don’t Panic… new features and site upgrades!


You might notice a few changes on the site... you might also see things appear and disappear before your very eyes!

Man Down!


Oh noes!!! We've been the victim of a pestilence!

A chat about our website and Gen Con Indy


Lloyd and Warren sit down for another Inside Beasts of War to talk about our new website and are also curious to find out if any of our views are making the trip to Gen Con Indy.

Thank You for Watching Warhammer Week


So that’s it people Warhammer Week is a wrap! We hope you enjoyed it and now that 8th is out we will continue to have more Warhammer Fantasy content on the site. Until the next videos check out the many Warhammer […]

Warhammer Week: Collectors Edition Rulebook


Warren and Darrell have a chat about the BIG collectors edition of the Warhammer Fantasy Rulebook.

Inside BOW: Geek Nation Tours


The guys have a chat in our new set about the Geek Nation Tours.

Inside BOW: Prices, Girls, Grey Knights etc…


The lads have a sit down and talk about various subjects

Inside BOW: GW Price Rise


Warren and Darrell have a chat about Games Workshops next price rise

Inside BOW:Website: Private Beta


We give you guys another community update on how the website is shaping up

Beasts of War: The Plan


Community Update - Time for a new Home?

Inside Beasts of War: The Plan


We thank every one of our subscribers and hope you will all enjoy what we have coming up!

Blood Angels | Seven Days of Sanguinius | Warhammer 40K


Get ready for Blood Angels week

Inside BOW: Thank You


We send out a thank you

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