More Cards Previewed For Iron & Ale Expansion

October 15, 2014 by brennon

Iron & Ale is a damn fine drinking game based on the idea that Dwarves love their alcohol. You WILL drink a lot when you give this game from Table Forged a go. Incidentally an expansion is on the way soon and they've started to preview a few new cards!

Iron & Ale - King Of The Keg

The King of the Keg brings your Dwarves together for another grand adventure. With the dragon vanquished it's time to see if you can best the Ancient King himself!

Ancient Relic - King's Hammer

Mug Mimic

First up we have these two new cards. The Ancient Relic, as well as looking cool, might end up being a bit of a life saver if you don't fancy drinking a huge amount at a certain point! The Mug Mimic could instead be your undoing if you don't end up beating it!

New King's Card

The big card however from the set is the new King's Card which allows you to take some control at the tavern. I think each of the different powers is quite cool and adds another level to the game surrounding the drinking. Iron & Ale really is a very fun game if you're all into it and there WILL be a review coming out soon of the game I promise!

Have you played Iron & Ale?

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