Drink Deep With Iron & Ale King Of The Keg Expansion

October 25, 2014 by brennon

Table Forged are back on Kickstarter for another round of drinking with Iron & Ale: The King of the Keg Expansion. This time around they're adding more challenges, more enemies, more drinking, and the all important King himself!

King of the Keg

The expansion sees you taking on more challenges from a ghostly Dwarven King who is more deadly than even the Dragon you faced last time in the original game. As well as him there are a bunch more cards...

New King's Card

New Monsters

New Meadhall Cards

New Ancient Relic Cards

If you really want to get yourself tipsy and enjoy some nice physical comedy in the mean time then this is the game for you. The artwork is great and the drinking is deep so if you think you're a good Dwarf then give it a go.

I had a lot of fun with the base game and my review of it will be coming out on Monday all being well. Look out for it if you're undecided. There are also some ace looking extras for you to pick up on the Kickstarter including some near Steins!

Have you played the game?

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