Drink And Be Dwarven With Table Forged’s Iron & Ale!

August 29, 2013 by brennon

If you like a bit of a drink (like me) and like Dwarves (like me) then you might be interested in this card based drinking game from Table Forged called Iron & Ale!

Iron & Ale Cover

In this game of Dwarven adventure you'll be looking to beat your other clan members in feats of strength in the mead hall or down in the mountain halls against Orcs, Dragons and more.

The Meadhall Cards

The Mountain Cards

As well as that you can acquire Gold and Iron and other riches in order to gain honour. At the end of the game if you have the most honour then you can claim that you are the most Dwarven of all your friends!

They are asking for a not insubstantial sum and at their own admission this is mostly to do with art costs for the game. Hopefully it does make it to the tabletop though as I would love to see this in action myself.

Are you Dwarf enough?

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