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WWII German Soldiers Get New Gear From Iron Cross


Iron Cross Miniatures have put together some more sets of miniatures for their growing German range for World War II. This time around we have Panzerfausts, Sturmgewehr and Panzerschrecks...

The Iron Cross WWII German Fireteams Move Out On Patrol


Iron Cross Miniatures have now shown off the first two Fireteams that will be part of their German Infantry range for World War II. See what you think of Fireteam I and Fireteam II below each with their own load-out of weapons to use on the tabletop...

New World War II Model Range Coming Soon From Iron Cross Miniatures


Iron Cross Miniatures are going to be producing their own line of metal 28mm scale German Infantry for use in World War II games. You can see some of the models both unpainted and painted below giving you a taster of what's to come from them...

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