Play Fantasy Football In Style With Pro Box By Iron Golems

May 4, 2016 by brennon

Iron Golems have taken to Kickstarter with a rather nifty looking product called the Pro Box. This allows you to transport your Fantasy Football teams around and then set up a brilliant pitch for you to play out your latest game...

Pro Box

With Blood Bowl coming back in the near(ish) future I can see these being a massive draw for people who love their Fantasy Football. Away from that this is also just a fun little package!

What's Inside?

Inside the box which houses all of this you get yourself a double sided board which allows you to play on grass or down in the darkness on a harder pitch.

Pro Box (Pitch)

You also get the Scoreboard and Dugout for your teams allowing you to keep track of the score and who has been bloodied.

Pro Box Scoreboard

Additionally you also get a range of accessories which are needed for keeping track of things throughout the game.

Pro Box (Accessories)

Last but not least you can also get your hands on two different teams for you to play as. The Imperial Lions and the Blackfire Chevaliers are the pair available through their Kickstarter...

Pro Box (Teams)

...although they also make a Dwarf Team while Orcs are on the way.

Stretch Goals

If you're interested in additional accessories they have unlocked a rather fun Scenery Pack with some Adverts and more.

Scenery Pack

I think this is a nifty addition and it's always fun to embellish upon your tabletop, adding flavour to the experience.

What do you think of the Pro Box?

"The Imperial Lions and the Blackfire Chevaliers are the teams available through their Kickstarter..."

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