Add Another Scene To Your Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Story

February 23, 2015 by brennon

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Privateer Press are back talking about Bone Grinders for their Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit that is coming out soon. The game got a great showing at SmogCon over the weekend and people are really excited about this. If you want an additional scenario see what you think of this one, Hogshead...

Bone Grinder

Lurk is the Bone Grinder in the group you get through Unleashed and his understanding of how animals work means that he can not only make use of those skills for fighting monsters but also for boost the fighting potential of your own team too.

In this new scenario for Unleashed the group are tracking the Farrow Warband and come across territory markers lain down by them in the wilderness. The encounter scene gives Lurk a chance to practise his skills by turning the skull of a fallen beast into a fetish for use later.

Have you been bitten by the bug of Unleashed?

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