Take Control As A Chieftain In The Iron Kingdoms Unleashed RPG

March 13, 2015 by brennon

Privateer Press are squealing excitedly as the Iron Kingdoms Unleashed RPG is only a week away! With that in mind they've taken another look at the careers of the game and here we focus in on the Chieftain...

Chieftain (Art)

Some more about the Chieftain career which builds on the Military Officer seen in the standard Iron Kingdoms RPG...

"One thing all chieftains in Iron Kingdoms Unleashed do exceedingly well is lead their warriors in battle. Like the Military Officer career, the Chieftain career possesses a long list of Battle Plan abilities. A battle plan reflects the chieftain instructing or inspiring his warriors on the battlefield, granting each ally in range a special effect like the ability to fire into melee without penalty (perfect for races without access to the Battlefield Coordination archetype ability) or to immediately perform another attack."

...a pretty awesome sounding career and one that really builds on the variety of choice you have in the way of character progression. You can find out more about the career in the links above and let us know below if YOU are going to become a Chieftain!

Have you given this a demo at events yet?

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