The Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Rulebook Is Now Available

April 27, 2015 by brennon

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Privateer Press released the new Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Rulebook over the weekend so if you've been waiting for it to hit then now is your chance to head out into the wilderness in search of adventure...

Wild To The Core

This new take on the rules is a fascinating project from Privateer Press which I think echoes the division that I feel exists between Warmachine and Hordes on the tabletop...

Unleashed Cover

From everything we've learned about Unleashed over the past few months I love the fact that it's such a reactive role-playing experience where things happen on the fly and feel as wild as they should do!

Tame Your Warbeasts

One of the big things about Unleashed is that you have a new and interesting connection to your Warbeasts. Unlike the constructs of Warmachine, the Warjacks, a Warbeast has a heart and a mind of its own that I think should provide more amazing role-playing moments. You can see more about them throughout the previews for the rulebook below...

Unleashed Preview #1

Unleashed Preview #2

From Privateer Press...

"A warbeast develops alongside its warlock. The longer the two are bonded and fight together, the more the warbeast learns and improves. These improvements can take numerous different shapes, such as learning how to use a new weapon, becoming more proficient at ranged or melee combat, improving certain skills, and gaining a behavior. Behaviors function like the warjack Bonds in Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy. Each behavior confers a potent benefit to the warbeast, ranging from regaining vitality from living foes it devours in combat to undergoing an arcane awakening that allows it to tap into its animus without cost.

There’s a wide array of warbeasts in the core rules, a number of creature templates that can modify those beasts, and many changes a warbeast can undergo through gaining improvements like a behavior. Through these adjustments, each warbeast in your games will become a unique individual, shaped by the tests and trials endured throughout the adventure."

Unleashed Preview #3

Unleashed Preview #4

You can go and download a preview of this new Core Rulebook on the links at the top of the page so if this has grabbed your attention head on over and give it a peek. I think this could be a great new step for role-playing in Immoren. Plus, I get to be a Trollblood!

Have you given this a go yet?

"I love the fact that it's such a reactive role-playing experience where things happen on the fly and feel as wild as they should do!"

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