Learn About The Mist Speakers Of Privateer’s Iron Kingdoms Unleashed!

March 1, 2015 by brennon

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Privateer Press have put together another preview of the Iron Kingdoms RPG Unleashed book and this time it's focused on the Mist Speakers, a career that looks at the Bog Trogs!

Mist Speaker

More about the Bog Trogs...

"As the career developed, one thing became gradually clear: mist speakers rarely fight their own fights. That isn’t to say they aren’t good to have around once fighting starts, but the role they fill in the wilds is the quick, clever guy who’s good at getting others to go out and take down their threats. They have numerous spells that obfuscate, deceive, and support their allies but only one spell that causes any direct damage. A dearth of damaging spells encourages the mist speaker to work in the rear of a conflict, manipulating events without having to get his own hands dirty...which is exactly how most mist speakers like it."

...this seems like an awesome career to play as and the artwork really shows off how powerful they are; and how crazy. While they might draw on some interesting powers they are still quite a sneaky character and I can see them being full of role-playing potential.

Read more about them on the link above!

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