Learn All About The Monster Hunters Of Iron Kingdoms Unleashed

January 31, 2015 by brennon

Privateer Press have put together another article which details some of the cool stuff you'll be able to do in Iron Kingdoms Unleashed. This time it's Monster Hunters and the role they play out in the wild...

Monster Hunter

"The Monster Hunter career was designed to focus on monster-mashing and survival. These characters can take on some of the responsibilities of guides and scouts for a group, but they are also very self-sufficient. Only the Scout career beats the Monster Hunter career when it comes to weathering the perils of surviving alone in the wilderness. But whereas a scout’s job is to help everyone else in party endure these dangers, the monster hunter does so in order to get himself deep into the wilds and into a position to take down whatever nasty creatures get in his line of fire."

As well as the skills and benefits of playing as a Monster Hunter Privateer Press have also put together a few scenario additions to help spice up those encounters you'll be going through in the Adventurers Kit. The first of them concerns Pit Traps rules and the second sees you encountering a Wounded Razor Boar. You can find them on the link above.

What are you going to play as in Unleashed?

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