Learn The Two Sides Of Lurk In Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Preview

March 10, 2015 by brennon

One of the pre-generated characters in the Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit is the rather interesting character of Lurk the Bog Trog. He has a particular beef with the Farrow known as Knor and can bring many skills to bear against his bitter foe...

LurkLurk can go down one of two different avenues of spellcasting, both just as good as the other but with very different outcomes.

Bone Grinder...

"For players interested in taking Lurk down the path of offense, the Bone Grinder career offers the most opportunities to deal damage. Its spell list contains numerous spells that deal impressive amounts of damage, like Flesh Eater and Rift. Flesh Eater is more than simply a powerful offensive spell, though; if it destroys a living target, Lurk regains health as the body is consumed! Rift is similarly powerful, able to catch multiple targets in its large area-of-effect. Best of all, the area-of-effect remains in play for a round as rough terrain, perfect for slowing down the charge of farrow brigands out for blood."

Mist Speaker...

"By following the path of the Mist Speaker career, Lurk becomes an impressive and deceptive advisor to his chosen companion. The Advisor ability allows him to increase the command range of an ally next to him—perfect for allies with Battle Plans—while the Devil’s Tongue spell increases his Deception skills even more. Suddenly, it’s a lot easier to convince those allies to do what he wants."

Both very different ways of approaching a problem and it shows the depths that you can explore when it comes to the Adventure Kit even though it's still effectively a starter set of sorts. Being able to tweak things to fit your own mode of play with a pre-generated character is pretty fun.

You can check out the link above for a really cool bit of fiction about the character of Lurk which explores his nature a bit more and don't forget that as well as the Adventure Kit there is the Iron Kingdoms Unleashed RPG Book coming soon too.

Do you like the idea of offense or support for Lurk?

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