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Weekender XLBS: Having Fun Gaming In The Dark!


As well as delving into a jam-packed week full of news we also have a chat about whether or not gaming in the dark is a good idea!

We’ll let you be the judge…

Romans Clash With Celts In Italeri’s Pax Romana Set


Italeri are stepping back in history once again with another of their Battle Sets. Their previous one went back to Rorke’s Drift whereas this delves into Ancient times with Pax Romana.

Weekender: Fantasy Wrestling, X-Wing & Tyrants Of The Underdark Interview


Italeri Working On Rorke’s Drift Battle Set Coming Soon


Italeri have shown off some of the finished work on their neat sounding Rorke’s Drift Battle Set which will be available soon. You can see what’s inside it here including some rather nifty looking terrain pieces…

Italeri Roll Out The World Of Tanks Miniatures Range!


Roll out some awesome looking tanks from the Italeri World of Tanks range!