Italeri Roll Out The World Of Tanks Miniatures Range!

August 21, 2014 by brennon

Italeri have rolled out the first few tanks in their World of Tanks range! Each of these vehicles is in 1:35 scale and the sets will feature some of the coolest tanks from the game and of course history...

Ferdinand Box

Ferdinand Tank

Tiger Box

Tiger Tank

We'll kick things off by looking at the Ferdinand and the Tiger tanks for the German forces. The Ferdinand was a good tank with heavy front armour but the mechanics disliked it because it used such individual parts. It was hard to get them working again once they'd been damaged but despite that they were effective tank destroyers.

Tiger tanks were incredibly powerful and the workhorses of the German army. They fought in many battles and were amazing against the Shermans and T-34 tanks they continued to come up against.

Sherman Box

Sherman Tank

Chaffee Box

Chaffee Tank

Rolling up for the Americans and the British we have the Sherman and the Chaffee tank. Apart from its weaknesses at navigating very rough terrain the Sherman was an amazing tank and would go into combat on all fronts during the war. It was well armed and was run by experienced crews.

The Chaffee was first used during the later period of World War II and was one of the best light tanks of the period. It would also be used in subsequent conflicts after the war too.

These are some neat looking tanks and the sets even come with glue for you to get them stuck together!

Will you be picking up these tanks?

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