JoeK Finalise Work On Last Fury For Tales Of The Odyssey

February 14, 2018 by brennon

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JoeK showed off an almost finalised look to the last of their Fury characters for the Tales Of The Odyssey collection. You can check her out here...

Fury #1 - JoeK

The world of Odyssey seems to be based on the realms of Greek Mythology but with a technological twist. If anyone has played Too Human for example, it has a ring of that about it. An alternative past/timeline where the Gods and the other mythical creatures were instead more highly advanced than you would have thought.

The models for this range look amazing that's for sure. Each of them is a little masterpiece and would be awesome to get painted up.

Fury #2 - JoeK

There are plenty of interesting ways to show off your brush skills on these models in particular, with a nice mix of the organic and synthetic to work with. You also have plenty of ways to embrace glow effects and give that Sci-Fi edge.

What do you think?

"The models for this range look amazing that's for sure..."

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