JoeK Cast the Legend of Heracles For Sci-Fi Odyssey!

February 24, 2015 by dracs

JoeK Minis have cast their Sci-Fi version of the mighty Greek hero Heracles and are now showing him off in all his glory.

Heracles Caped

Heracles Caped Back

Heracles keeps to the standard of quality we saw with JoeK Minis' Hephaestus. Despite the scifi style of his weapon and armour, the model keeps to the classic imagery of the legendary hero. There can be no doubt as to who this is meant to be, with or without his cape.


Heracles Back

The interesting thing about the character of Heracles is that, according to the bit of flavour text JoeK have revealed, he is a god killer. This is an especially impressive feat when we see how he stands when presented alongside Hephaestus.

Heracles and Hephaestus

He may be smaller, but Heracles certainly looks the part. It shouldn't be too long before he sees release, which will mark the relaunch of JoeK's online webstore.

What figure of Greek legend do you want JoeK to make?

"Despite the scifi style... there can be no doubt as to who this is meant to be."

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