JoeK Minis Still Funding Their Trolls Of Trudvang Kickstarter

May 20, 2014 by brennon

JoeK Minis have had a pretty darn successful Kickstarter for the Trolls of Trudvang which draws on inspiration from old school style artwork by Paul Bonner. See what you think of the Big and Little Troll in this campaign...

JoeK Troll

Troll Artwork

The aim of the Kickstarter is pretty simple and that's probably why it's done so well! JoeK are looking to re-create this amazing piece of artwork from Paul Bonner. I love the look of it and the narrative that unfolds from just checking out all the different details going on within the piece.

Big Troll

Little Troll

Breaking down the components we have Big Troll and Little Troll which will be working together in this particular piece. It's such a strange and eerie interpretation of the Troll that looks like it's been torn from the mind of some medieval artist doesn't it?

The actual miniature diorama also comes on that huge rock that you can see in the artwork so you get a mega-scenic base! You can also grab a few extra JoeK miniatures to snap up as Kickstarter add-ons if you like.

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