JoeK Minis Tease New Odyssey & Mighty Hephaestos

September 16, 2014 by brennon

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JoeK Minis are doing something awesomely Greek themed with the new project (could be a game) called Odyssey named after the mythical adventures from ancient times. But that's not all; they even have a miniature to show. See what you think of Hephaestos...


Hephaestos (Sketch)

Hephaestos (Rear)

Some background on him...

"For a million years he had created machineries and wonders that spanned the stars and placed his masters at the pinnacle of all life in the universe. The masters were long gone now, cast down and torn apart atom by atom, and he had spent the last thousand years tearing apart everything he had once built.

Hephaestus could no longer remember why he had built these things - threads that drew energy from one star to another, bizarre artworks that hung between asteroids, discs of gold that encircled whole systems - nor could he remember why he was destroying them now. It no longer mattered to him. The universe was cold and barren, and soon nothing would be left. Then he could die.

The last vestige of life stood before him: humans. They were insignificant things, barely worthy of contempt. He cared only that these fragile, pathetic creatures carried in themselves something he needed - hungered for - and that his brothers and sisters would not steal his share"


Hephaestus was the blacksmith and craftsman of the Gods and son of Zeus and Hera. He crafted all the weapons for the various Gods of the pantheon and even the lightning bolts that Zeus used against his enemies. Whatever they have planned this is an awesome version of the mighty smith and I love that brilliant hammer.

He comes in at a massive 72mm and is one of the biggest pieces JoeK have worked on. The artwork is by Roberto Cirillo and the sculpt that you see above is done by Robby Crawforth. Bloody amazing!

It looks like we'll be getting something based on sci-fi here and good news is that Hephaestus is due for release around the October/November time. What else do you think is on the cards for Odyssey?

What do you think of Hephaestus?

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