Journey To The Overland In New Solo Role-Playing Game

February 13, 2014 by brennon

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It's quite an interesting topic, a single player role-playing game for the tabletop. There are other games that have done it before but this one sounds like an interesting take that mixes between role-playing and board game. See what you think of Journey To The Overland...

Journey to the Overland

Overland Map

The game itself comes with a whole host of rules and cards for playing this by yourself and you get this massive map which shows off all the locations in the Overland.

Your main objective is to collect a series of Weapons of Power but according to the blurb of the game you can take different paths towards victory. You might want to amass an army, form your own Kingdom or just continue to adventure in dank dungeons. It sounds very much like it could be a nice interactive story experience.


The only miniature you need is one that represents your favourite kind of hero but they are also looking to sculpt and produce their own if they hit stretch goals for this campaign.

While I think this is a neat idea the 3D renders don't fill me with too much joy. They look a little bit mismatched at the moment but maybe they will come out better as time goes by.

This is certainly an interesting prospect!

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