Making A Miniature Into Art With Journey By Marrow Production

June 24, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

If you liked the look of the miniatures for the game Journey: Wrath of Demons before... you will LOVE them after seeing them painted! We see miniatures every day for all kinds of games, but sometimes you see minis that become art. Marrow Production shared a picture of their mini, Kogaiji, painted by Hon Ho- and it is AMAZING!


I find myself gravitating to their Facebook page to look at the pictures of the minis again and again. We were drawn to the unpainted minis at Adepticon because of the fantastic detail, and painted- they are taken to a whole new level!

Kogaiji back

Because I mentioned the unpainted minis, here's a reminder of the detail I was speaking about. This is the largest mini in the game, Kei Lun, sculpted by Ray Wong. Have you ever seen anything so awesome- and there's not a speck of paint on it!

Kei Lun front

Do you hear that sound? It's the all too familiar sound of money flying from my wallet. When you see beautiful work like this, how could it not?

Do you plan to go on this Journey?

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