Silver Horn & Golden Horn Now Available For Journey From Marrow Production

November 9, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

Our friends over at Marrow Production have just made their recent new additions, Silver Horn and Golden Horn available on their webstore. These stunning minis are additional pieces for their fantastic miniature board game, Journey: Wrath of Demons.MP silverhorn

If you've had a look at the game, you're already aware of the incredible quality of these miniatures- they do not disappoint! So whether you are coming at this game as a gamer, as a painter, or as a collector, it's well worth the investment, indeed.

MP silver&gold

Marrow has also recently announced that they will soon have their beautiful game available through Amazon.

MP goldhorn

MP silver&gold unpainted

This is HUGE news, as everyone is sensitive to the shipping issues (prices) associated in obtaining things from anywhere other than where you live.

Will you be adding Silver Horn & Golden Horn to your game of Journey?

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