Judges of the World Unite at Warlord Games

December 22, 2013 by dracs

The long arm of the law extends to every Mega City in the world. Each Mega City has its own unique culture and customs. It also has its own Judges, some of which can be found in Warlord's new Judges of the World box set.

Judges of the World Box Art

Judges of the World

The Judges of the World are a great way of adding a little multiculturalism to your games in the world of 2000AD's classic comic.

Each of the Judges has a very different style and character, which makes them a fun addition as well as pretty cool models. I particularly like the Scottish Judge. Law enforcement in a kilt, that is one heck of a deterrent.

Do you need to make your Judge Dredd force a bit more cosmopolitan?

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