Mega-City One Trembles as Two Agents of East Meg One are Released

January 31, 2014 by dracs

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Warlord Games have just made life in Mega-City One even more dangerous as they release two operatives of the hostile East Meg One.

Leading the attack on Judge Dredd's city is War Marshal Kazan.

War Marshal Kazan

Kazan led a full scale invasion of the Mega-City, which quickly subjugated the city and left half of its population dead. Definitely a dangerous individual to face on the mean streets.

Opening the way for the invasion, we have Orlok the Assassin.

Orlok the Assassin

Even after East Meg One was destroyed, Orlok continues scheming for revenge against the Judges of Mega-City One.

The two reinforcements are sure to be a welcome addition to all East Meg players. They are rightfully infamous within the world of Judge Dredd and it will be fun to see how they play out in the skirmish game.

Do any of you field the forces of East Meg?

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